It is Chevron's expectation that all of our employees and contractors will utilize the Hazard Identification Tool when identifying hazards associated with work to be completed.

This Hazard ID tool should be used anytime from the initial planning phase, to the Permitting Phase during the work group's onsite Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and though the JSA debrief close out step. They following video explains what these steps look like and why we should be focused on them.

View the following video clip to help improve Job Safety Analysis

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The Hazard Indentification Tool is critical to indentifying potential hazards and enables the development of actions and strategies to prevent incidents from occurring.

To prevent incidents, workers must recognize and effectively identify the hazards associated with the tasks they perform.

By focusing on the principles of hazard recognition we are not asking workers to memorize a list of thousands of possible hazards, but rather to understand the broad categories of hazards.

Hazard Identification

Hazard ID

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